Policy Changes Count

This metric can be used to track the history of all Kyverno policy-related changes such as policy creations, updates, and deletions.

Metric Name(s)

  • kyverno_policy_changes_total

Metric Value

Counter - An only-increasing integer representing the total number of policy-level changes associated with a metric sample.

Metric Labels

LabelAllowed ValuesDescription
policy_background_mode“true”, “false”Policy’s set background mode
policy_change_type“create”, “update”, “delete”Action which happened with the policy behind this policy change.
policy_nameName of the policy to which the rule belongs
policy_namespaceNamespace in which this Policy resides (only for policies with kind: Policy), For ClusterPolicies, this field will be “-”
policy_type“cluster”, “namespaced”Kind of the rule’s parent policy. Kind: ClusterPolicy or Kind: Policy
policy_validation_mode“enforce”, “audit”PolicyValidationFailure action of the rule’s parent policy

Use cases

  • The cluster admin wants to track how many cluster policies have been created in the last 1 year.
  • An end user wants to track how many policies (kind: Policy) have been created in their personal namespace.
  • The cluster admin wants to see how many policies with validationFailureAction: Enforce and background mode enabled were created since last week.

Useful Queries

  • Tracking the number of cluster policies with audit mode which were created in the last 60 minutes:
    sum(increase(kyverno_policy_changes_total{policy_type="cluster", policy_change_type="create", policy_validation_mode="audit"}[60m]))

  • Listing down all the namespaced Policies which were deleted in the “default" namespace in the last 5 minutes:
    kyverno_policy_changes_total{policy_type="namespaced", policy_namespace="default", policy_change_type="delete"}[5m]

  • Track the number of changes which happened with a cluster policy named “sample-policy":
    sum(kyverno_policy_changes_total{policy_type="cluster", policy_name="sample-policy"})

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