The Kyverno source code and project artifacts are managed on GitHub in the Kyverno organization.

Slack Channel

Kyverno maintains a thriving community with two different opportunities to participate. The largest is the Kubernetes Slack workspace, where end-users engage in the #kyverno channel and contributors collaborate in the #kyverno-dev channel. The other is the CNCF Slack workspace, where the #kyverno channel is dedicated to end-user interactions.


The Kyverno project holds two weekly meetings:

Community Meeting

This is a public, weekly for Kyverno the full community. First time participants, new contributors, or anyone interested in Kyverno are welcome! This forum allows community members to propose agenda items of any sort, including but not limited to releases, roadmap, any contributor PRs or issues on which they are working.

To attend our community meetings, join the Kyverno group. You will then be sent a meeting invite and will have access to the agenda and meeting notes. Any member may suggest topics for discussion.

Maintainers Meeting

This is a public, weekly meetings for maintainers to discuss issues and PRs pertaining to Kyverno’s development and roadmap.

Topics are proposed by maintainers. All in the community are welcome to attend, but non-maintainers may not propose new agenda items in this forum (they can instead to the community meeting agenda.

Get in touch

If you are unable to attend a community meeting, feel free to reach out anytime on the Kyverno Slack channel in the Kubernetes workspace, or the Kyverno mailing list.

We love hearing from our community!


Thanks for your interest in contributing! We welcome all types of contributions and encourage you to read our contribution guidelines for next steps.

The project contributors use a combination of GitHub discussions and the #kyverno-dev Slack channel for notes on the development environment, project guidelines, and best practices.

Developer documentation is available in the file.

NOTE: Developer documentation was previously available in the (GitHub Wiki) but is no longer maintained there.

To start contributing, take a look at available issues in the Good First Issues project.

Join Kyverno Adopters

Kyverno is a CNCF incubating project and is growing fast. To qualify for the graduation level the CNCF requires production usage by multiple end users.

The goal of this adopters program is to gather real-world usage examples and help the Kyverno project grow. We hope to achieve this by learning from the existing and new adopters of Kyverno who are willing to share their stories with CNCF.

To participate, fill out the Kyverno adopters form.

Project Governance

Kyverno and its sub-projects follow the governance published and maintained at

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